Use Sukey

The following is for demonstrators who are on the ground on 21st November at the Demo2012 march, in London. You may also want to review the Sukey Survival Guide.

Online supporters can contribute by verifying information — join Sukey’s IRC channel (, on Wednesday, November 21 from 9AM to 6PM GMT.

Send Sukey a tip

Points to remember:

  • Clearly state what’s happening and be precise about location
  • Include specific numbers if you can

Here is a good and a bad example:

GOOD + AWESOME = A line of 20 riot police with round shields has formed north of the cenotaph, blocking the road. #sukey #demo2012

BAD + UNHELPFUL = OMG there are horses and police everywhere!

Sukey collects data from lots of sources:

  • Twitter — If you have location services (such as GPS) for your tweets please consider turning it on! We’re primarily watching for tweets containing @sukeyio, #nov21, and #sukey. We will be adapting during the day to follow other hastags as the protest develops so please let us know about new hastags- we will be watching in case anything else worthy of following pops up though. :)
  • SMS — Send text messages to [number to be released on 21s November by flyers and via twitter, please share!] and we’ll treat them like tweets. No need to add the #sukey hashtag to these (so save the characters!) but feel free to add others if you wish.
  • Images — Use services like TwitPic, yFrog, Instagram, Flickr. Tag your TwitPic uploads just like your tweets. Similarly, tag any Flickr pictures with sukey or nov21. If you don’t have location services for your camera, please try to describe the location of the picture as best you can in the tags or in the description (consider taking photographs a bit off centre to include famous landmarks etc).
  • Livestream — Use services like bambuser, ustream, Livestream, or even Google Hangout. Please tag your streams just like your tweets, using sukey or nov21. If you don’t have location services for your device then please try to describe the your location as best you can in the chat or by giving regular updates about where you are when speaking to the people watching the stream. Again, as with photographs, try to include famous landmarks in shot to help those watching to understand where you are.

Get information from Sukey to stay safe and mobile

Sukey can be used from smartphones using ‘Roar’ and from older phones with ‘Growl’.

To access the app, point your phone browser to

It will probably ask if it can use your GPS device. Say yes so we can show you the most relevant information nearby you.

Also, even if you navigate to the normal URL ( the site should identify that it’s a phone and redirect you.

Don’t have a shiny, new phone? Don’t worry! You can use Twitter via SMS to receive regular updates from @sukeySMS.

It costs 10p to send the ‘follow’ message, and 10p to send the ‘stop’ message when you’re done. Everything else is free!

What is Sukey?

Sukey is a web app that is designed to keep people safe, mobile and informed during demonstrations. We crowdsource updates from twitter and other online and offline sources in order to provide our users with a timely overview of what is going on at a demonstration.