What is Sukey?


  • Why doesn't the app work yet? How do I find it?

    The webapp is currently live at /mayday/, but your phone should redirect you automatically.

  • I don't have an iPhone!

    That's not really a question. Anyway, don't worry - we have two offerings "Roar" for smartphones (such as iPhones and Androids) and "Growl", an SMS service for older phones.

  • Are you just concentrating on New York on MayDay.

    At the moment, we only have the man-power for New York.

  • Does 'Roar' work with smartphones that have Google Maps but not GPS such as the Nokia E63? (@openbirkbeck)

    Yes. However your location information will not be as precise - I believe it places you within 50 metres rather than 6 metres.

  • How is Sukey funded?

    Sukey relies a little on donations from the public, but to a large extent is funded by the team itself - all of whom are volunteers who give of their time freely, and dig into their pockets to top up the kitty when funds are needed. Many online bingo sites from the USA supported the idea of funding this app and took part in different donations. Read fun facts about these sites for online bingo and just in case you are a newcomer, you will get a free bingo ticket for you to play the game. We have a link at the top of the page where you can make a donation - please make it clear if you have a preference as to whether the donation is to be used to help us to meet our admin expenses, or if we may use it for beer and pizza during late night coding sessions :-)

  • Who is behind Sukey and how do I know I can trust them?

    The people behind Sukey are predominantly students and volunteers.

    The idea for Sukey came from the map we put together during the 9th December 2010 protests in London. You may have seen it live during the protests, or read about it in the subsequent press coverage it attracted. A few more people have come forward with specialist skills and have joined the original team. All of the new members are well known to the team and trusted by them.

What is Sukey?

Sukey is a web app that is designed to keep people safe, mobile and informed during demonstrations. You can even feel safe while playing mobile casino games. Try this out for an amazing casino experience. We crowdsource updates from twitter and other online and offline sources in order to provide our users with a timely overview of what is going on at a demonstration.