How to send information to us

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The tips you send us are most useful when they contain a concise description of what's happening and a clear reference to where. For example:

NO: there are horses and police!!!!!
YES: a line of 20 riot police has formed north of the cenotaph

We collect data from lots of sources:

  • Twitter

    If you have location services (GPS etc) for your tweeting please turn it on!

    To help the Sukey team find information more quickly, tweet at us directly @sukeyNYC, or use the hashtag #sukeynyc.

    We'll be watching quite a few more hashtags in case anything else worthy of following pops up though.

  • SMS

    Send text messages to [number to be released virally on MayDay] and we'll treat them like Tweets. No need for hashtagging though.

  • Image Services... TwitPic and Flickr. Tag your TwitPic uploads just like your tweets. Similarly, tag any Flickr pictures with sukeynyc.

    If you don't have any location services for your camera, please try to describe the location of the picture as best you can.

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What is Sukey?

Sukey is a web app that is designed to keep people safe, mobile and informed during demonstrations. We crowdsource updates from twitter and other online and offline sources in order to provide our users with a timely overview of what is going on at a demonstration.