Ways to Help Sukey

As we’re run by volunteers, Sukey is always in need of funds to keep the project going.

Since we first launched Sukey back in early 2011 a lot has happened and Sukey has not been roaring as much as it could lately. It is not only a lot of work to develop such an app, it also needs constant work to keep it going.

Above all, we have some fantastic new talent on board with a lot of new ideas and skills to bring to the project and we are going to create a new version almost from scratch to get Sukey going again.

We are all volunteers - we give our time freely and dig into our pockets to top up the kitty when funds are needed. We developed Sukey Version 1 in uncountable late nights planning and coding sessions with lots of pizza.

So, with your help, we are going to put together something that you are really going to like and make available this spring. So far, we’ve been concentrating on London/UK. Since we started people from many other countries have approached us and wanted to use Sukey - we want to make it available to everyone.

Support with money

We need money to support the various costs incurred running and developing Sukey. Things like licenses, servery things, mobile services / SMS fees (a big one) and other operational and running expenses. We rely on your donations to keep Sukey going.

What we will use your money for

Donate to Sukey to help us pay for a full time developer and deployment of the Sukey service on demonstrations! It costs only £20000 per year for a full time developer. The donation is through paypal so if you are uncomfortable with paypal, contact us and we can tell you where to send us money.

Give your time

If you have skills that could help Sukey and the time to get involved please let us know. Maybe you're a programmer, a security expert, somebody who will help us to test new releases, or maybe you're pretty good at making sandwiches and ordering pizzas. If you have time to spare and share our passion for what we're doing then please get in touch.

What is Sukey?

Sukey is a web app that is designed to keep people safe, mobile and informed during demonstrations. We crowdsource updates from twitter and other online and offline sources in order to provide our users with a timely overview of what is going on at a demonstration.